Doug Benson: High! Nice to Meet You.

Doug Benson has been on the comedy scene for roughly 35 years. The famously stoned comedian always looks like he’s just out-smoked Snoop Dogg, Seth Rogen, and Willie Nelson combined. However, it is the open dialogue and focus on cannabis that has awarded Doug’s efforts with adoring fans.

The “Stereotypical” Stoner

Many people, especially those that don’t understand cannabis culture, could and certainly do, write Doug off as a silly pothead (they probably use much worse terms) that shouldn’t be taken seriously. And they’re half right.

Doug, as with any other comedian, shouldn’t be taken seriously. He’s on stage telling jokes. You know that, so stop taking what he or any other comics say as gospel. Their job is to simply (or not so simply) make you laugh.

On the flip side, Doug is often looked at as “too high” by mainstream standards, and not taken as a serious comedian, regardless of the fact that he’s seriously hilarious.

The Upside to His Highness

Getting Doug on some fine herb!

Comedians have the often painstaking job of having to make a group of strangers laugh. A key factor to a successful comedy bit is finding humor in the nuances of everyday life and presenting it comically to a group of people whose sense of humor and levels of sensitivity are completely unknown.

In today’s climate of constant outrage, the job of a comedian has become even more difficult.

Doug has the ability to find the minute details within the fine nuances that can be attributed to his understanding of what is funny and his unrestrained dives into the deepest trenches of a topic to find the humor. The latter can probably be attributed to weed, but to what degree, only Doug Benson can tell you. Either way, Doug’s comedic lashings come in the form of funny stories and one-liners that will have you keeled over in pain.

Reading Tweets

One tactic that Doug likes to use is reading to a live audience the Tweets that he receives and then commenting on them. To some people this may seem lazy or “hack” but to a fan of Doug Benson, it’s something that they’ve come to enjoy. We all have our own commentary on the stupidity we see on Social Madea (that one’s for Doug’s real fans). But to have a professional comedian fill in the blanks for you, takes it all to another level.

Fans have become so used to the format that they now tweet before the show, tagging Benson, with something that is sometimes quite funny. He then uses them as a jumping off point for him to slay the entire audience, either giving the benefit to, or at the expense of the original tweeter.

Regardless of your point of view on cannabis and the culture that surrounds it, Doug Benson and the content of his comedy is bloody priceless. And if you are against weed and don’t like Doug’s comedy, take a puff and chill out. Who knows? You may actually develop a sense of humor.

We at Comics Alive! would like to raise a bowl to one of the greatest and funniest advocates for cannabis in the world today. Cheers to you, Doug Benson. Keep up the great work! 

Check out Doug’s podcast Doug Loves Movies

Getting Doug With High is a hilarious show on YouTube that sees Doug getting high and interviewing people.

Stand-up specials can be found on Spotify and iTunes (audio), and YouTube (video, and of course, audio)

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