Jim Gaffigan: A Pale of Laughs

Food, family, travel and more food make up a good percentage of what Jim Gaffigan likes to cover. You may think, “well that’s pretty limited”. If you do, you couldn’t be more wrong. He’s made a career out of clean and wholesome comedy that revolves heavily around the aforementioned topics. From his stand-up comedy to his movie appearances to his own television show, Jim Gaffigan is a comedian that multiple generations can appreciate.

Gaffigan became famous several years ago for some of his comedy bits that have gone viral including Hot Pocket and McDonald’s. While the topics and content of his jokes are objectively hilarious, there are other aspects of Gaffigan’s stand-up that take him from genius joke writer to one of the top stand-ups in the world.


Gaffigan sets himself apart from other comedians through a very unique approach to his comedy. By using different voices to represent different personalities he’s able to tell jokes, add characters and then respond to what he has just said.

While Jim Gaffigan uses a slew of different voices, these are just some of our favorites here at Comics Alive!

His Regular Voice acts as a narrator that tells the stories and carries the set from one bit to the next. This is very much Jim’s normal speaking voice and tends to relax the audience quickly as it comes across as being very calm and natural.

High-Pitched Jim is a responder/tag personality. Usually used as a voice of affirmation for a statement Jim has just made. Used quite frequently, a great example is in the McDonald’s bit.

R.V.J: Ever have too many McDonald’s fries? 

H.P.J: Of course not! There’s never enough.

The Shocked Whispering Female Audience Member is another fan favorite. This voice represents the audience member’s reaction. Whether outraged or underwhelmed, she always has some form of commentary.

The Italian New Yorker is a personal favorite of this Jim Gaffigan fan. Simply put, it represents the arrogant and douchey side of men.

The Every Man Comic

Why is Jim Gaffigan so likable? Jim Gaffigan is completely relatable for nearly everyone; men, women, old and young. He talks about everything and successfully avoids being even remotely offensive. From his style and content to his physical appearance, Jim Gaffigan is representative of the average citizen, while being 1000 times funnier than anyone you know.

Let’s raise a hot pocket to Jim Gaffigan and the side-splitting comedy gold he consistently unleashes on the masses!

Many of Jim’s stand-up specials can be found on Netflix.

Jim’s newest special Quality Time is available on Amazon Prime Video.

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