The Great and Powerful, Joe Rogan!

Joe Rogan has been in the comedy scene for over 30 years. Starting out of Boston, he’s risen to immeasurable fame within the industry. It’s not just his comedy that has gotten him to this point, but a collection of endeavors that all have one thing in common – talking.

Joe is an orator and renaissance man. He may refer to himself as a “chimp” or a “dummy” but it is precisely that type of self criticism and lack of hubris that makes him so appealing to so many. His jobs include stand up comedy (of course), commentary for the UFC, and host of the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE), one of the most popular podcasts available today.

I first saw Joe as the host of Fear Factor, which basically had him convincing people on TV to eat bull penises, lock themselves in glass cases with insects or snakes, or do death defying stunts that most viewers wouldn’t even attempt to fathom. At the time I had no idea that Joe Rogan was a stand up comedian.

It wasn’t until I saw a DVD copy of Joe Rogan: Live at a local music store that I realized what his true career was. I got it home popped it in and was blown away by his style and the content of the set. He spoke (more so yelled) about all kinds of absurdity, but it was his courage to dive into these weird topics and come out on the other side with something absolutely hilarious that provided an instantaneous appreciation for the comedic style and unapologetic nature of the content. It truly was out there.

I have since watched his other specials, seen him live, and have been an avid listener of JRE to get my daily dose of all things Joe Rogan. His drive and fearlessness has earned him incredible success at a level that grants him the ability to effectively promote other comedians. To date he’s helped many up-and-coming young comics to get the recognition they deserve. He’s established new podcasts for other comedians that wouldn’t have done it without his help and continued to entertain and educate his listeners on the inner workings of comedy.

When it comes to stand-up, the only time Joe is cynical, pessimistic, negative or whatever you want to call it, is when he’s doing his best to discredit hacks, joke thieves, “woke” journalists with an agenda, or to shed light on how selfish some of the industry pros were, back when he started.

One of the only advocates for the industry as a whole, Joe Rogan fights for what he believes in, which is his family, friends, and the right for all of us to enjoy great comedy!

Joe Rogan’s comedy specials can be found on Netflix and YouTube and the Joe Rogan Experience can be found anywhere you’d listen to podcasts.

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