The Infamous Andrew Schulz

After three years of following his every move, from two different podcasts, to a crowd work special (one full hour of fucking with audience members), three appearances on JRE, and a monstrous covid special called Schulz Saves America, which was a commercial success but slammed by dildos like Seth Simons from Humorism (ironically a site that features no humor and actually hates comedy), I’ve finally had the privilege to see Andrew Schulz live on his 2021/2022 Infamous Tour. And he did not disappoint.

Sidebar: I missed the Matador Tour and I’ve been kicking myself ever since.

Andrew Schulz in Schulz Saves America
Andrew tellin’ it like it is in his Netflix Special: Schulz Saves America

As the kids say, “I don’t want to blow up his spot”, so I won’t be transcribing jokes or any of that nonsense, as it won’t do this comedic master any justice, and also, it’s just not right.

From the opening five minute countdown, designed to get the stragglers and drunks to their seats, right off the hop, I knew this show was going to be different. Instead of simply creating a boring ass plain timer (white text on a black background), it was accompanied by a video compilation of behind the scenes footage and live shows from earlier in the tour, some Canadian news clips pointing to the stringent mandates and restrictions us as Canadians have had to endure, and some from the Flagrant 2 podcast that had the entire audience roaring. 

The host of the evening was a gentleman by the name of Deric Poston (@dericposton), who got the crowd warmed up with jokes that aren’t for the faint of heart. He has an early-years Dave Chappelle style that will likely evolve into something very unique and special.

The featured comedian was Mark Gagnon, pronounced GAG-NON (@markygagnon), a dude that just looks like he surfs all day. He’s a mainstay on the Flagrant 2 podcast and has a laid back approach that feels more like riffing than a precisely sculpted set, but that’s the key to great comedy – making it sound and feel natural.

The propping up of friends, Deric and Mark, as well as other up-and-coming comics reminded me of the influence that Joe Rogan (a friend of Andrew’s) has had on the comedy scene. And it’s that style of paying it forward that not only makes these two comedic murderers likeable, but also commendable in their selfless actions.

Andrew Schulz and Akaash Singh on the Flagrant 2 podcast.
Andrew Schulz and Akaash Singh spittin’ fire on the Flagrant 2 podcast.

Then it was time for the HEAVIES!

Coming out to strobe lights, pounding hype music, and bearing a robe like he was about to enter a Barstool Rough and Rowdy fight if it were being hosted on a certain part of Church St. (you know the area), the Infamous Andrew Schulz graced an eager crowd with his presence.

He took no time, launching into jokes about the city, and a host of topics I don’t want to give away, to beating the crap out of the egos of anyone in sight. 

With an approach to comedy that has always been truthful and articulate, yet unapologetic in the dark alleys he’ll explore, Andrew spent the next hour leading a very trusting audience hand-in-hand into the beautifully sinful, subterranean world of the Andrew Schulz mind. Something Massey Hall thought a few thousand adults weren’t mature enough to handle.

A special thank you goes out to Meridian Hall for acting like a professional business instead of a woke activist.

To wrap up the night, Andrew threw in a little Neil Young jab, which flew over most of the crowd’s heads, as he draped his arm over one lucky fan, and the music of the superior Neil began to play. The standing ovation turned into a sing-along that had all 3000+ brilliant idiots partaking in the Infamous Andrew Schulz signature sign-off.

It may not be the greatest show on the planet… yet. But there’s still a lot of time for Andrew Schulz, and I can’t wait to see what he’s gonna do next!

Here’s a little clip for those that didn’t make it or those looking for a refresher on that great night.