You’re a Madman, Bill Burr!

Is he angry? I don’t know. Is he serious? Not sure about that one either. Is he funny? To absolutely mind-blowing extents. 

Bill Burr has been in the comedy scene since 1992. He’s appeared on every podcast worth noting, been on and destroyed a litany of morning shows, acted in movies and on TV, stars in his own animated series F is for Family, and has put out 10 specials/albums to date. His resume is as impressive as his ability to win, lose and win back an audience.

His style is not as cynical as legends like Bill Hicks or George Carlin, but his frustration at the absurdity of today’s world certainly is. Often, I’ll watch one of his specials and my wife will say, “He sounds just like you.” Which he does. Except Bill has the ability to make it funny and palatable for audiences.

Bill’s stand-up touches on many facets of his life including his dog, his wife, his daughter, extended family, and branches out to things like the #metoo movement, and cultural and racial differences. Normally a pasty, bald (used to be a redhead), white male would receive all kinds of flack for even mentioning the latter subjects. However, Bill Burr is so outraged by the outrage that it implodes the whole idea, all while making valid points about how we’ve gone too far in some instances.

Bill doesn’t like to hold back and he shouldn’t. Part of what he does is say the things that we’re all thinking and then he’ll turn around and point out that we’ve made it weird. He can often be heard mid-set saying, “Look how awkward it got in here!” That’s because as he tells it like it is, most people begin to cringe since they themselves are too afraid to ever say or do something that goes against social norms, no matter how ridiculous those norms might be. Not Bill. He loves ribbing the audience and pointing out their own hypocrisy.

Bill is a much needed treasure in the world of comedy, and even more necessary as the world at large becomes increasingly more politically correct.

Cheers to Bill and all of his accomplishments thus far!

Bill Burr’s comedic styling can be found pretty much everywhere and his new special, Paper Tiger is streaming on Netflix now!

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