Andrew Schulz: Master of YouTube

I discovered Andrew Schulz like I do most underrated comics, through the Joe Rogan Experience. I thought it was one of the funniest long form conversations I had ever heard. Andrew was side-splittingly hilarious, he even had Joe in stitches the majority of the time.

I found him so funny mainly because he was so authentic and not afraid to say what was on his mind at the time. To Andrew Schulz, nothing is off limits. He’ll burn members of the audience, different ethnicities and sexual orientations, or anyone that comes into his crosshairs.

He can regularly turn hecklers or just audience members who’ll shout out random things into a joke. He’s not particularly mean about it and watching him crack up at the zingers is part of what makes him so appealing. He’s having a good time. You know it, he knows it, and if anyone were to walk into the room in the middle of one of his sets, they’d know it too.

Andrew has achieved a huge spike in fame as of late, firstly because he’s so damn funny, but also because the man is a genius. Instead of smashing out a full, hour-long special onto whatever platform paid the most (the offers weren’t really coming anyhow), he did his homework. He realized that most people watching hour long specials are only watching for roughly a half hour at a time. This is data that anyone can access, however, Andrew Schulz decided to do something about it. So he shot a special and instead of releasing it all in one long form show, he broke it up into several clips, bit by bit. He put it out on YouTube for free and then something happened that no television executive would have ever imagined. People started watching his stuff for two hours on average. That’s four times the amount of attention comedy fans were giving to every other comedian.

His likeability skyrockets the more you are exposed to his brand of humour. So much so that he released an entire special on crowd work (making fun of audience members) on the same day as Dave Chappelle’s new Sticks and Stones special. The video has over a million views and is possibly one of the funniest “stick it to the crowd” sets ever. He makes fun of everyone and the entire room laughs together. His comedy genius is most admirable in these situations because it’s off the cuff hilarity that only truly funny people have in them. 

Expanding on how great of a social media based comic he is, he’s released countless clips on different platforms with well placed captions that somehow successfully display the emphasis he puts on certain words, punchlines, and tags. The bits are funny even without sound, but if you take the split second to tap the screen, you’re in for a real treat as his delivery and timing is so perfect you’ll think these bits are staged.

Cheers to Andrew Schulz for keeping us laughing at everyone, including ourselves!!!

Andrew’s comedy can be found here: 

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