It’sa Me, Sebastian Maniscalco!

He’s animated, he’s hilarious, he’s oddly insightful, and he’s possibly a little crazy. But seriously, who in history has been raised in a heavily Italian household and isn’t just a tiny bit out of their fuckin’ minds?

Sebastian’s comedy covers a variety of topics, but my favorites are his upbringing with Italian parents and the difference between being a good and a bad host. Not the kind that we see late night TV or awards shows, but the kind that has you over for a dinner party. These two topics hit home for me, as they do for so many others.

From his disdain for bad hosts that don’t offer enough food to going out of his way to be a great host and making sure his guests have everything they need, Sebastian finds the funny in every little aspect of this uncomfortable ritual. I’m actually surprised some young intern at HGTV or the Food Network hasn’t pitched the idea for Sebastian to host a show about how to properly host dinner guests.

As for his insight into the Italian-American household, I have a hard time watching and often have to stop it several times throughout the bit.The only reason it’s a struggle is because he’s nailed the family life and all of the nuances so perfectly. I often end up in such a deep state of laughter that I go silent and I can’t actually keep my eyes open. In fact, I watched his special Why Would You Do That? from 2016 just recently and my face started cramping and I think I temporarily went blind when he spoke about his parents.

Sebastian also has a way of blending physical comedy with truly funny setups and punchlines. The physical presentation serves as a way to increase the impact of the joke while not relying solely on it, which is a sign of a very well-rounded and experienced comedian.

According to Joe Rogan who has so much insight into comedians and comedy, Sebastian has really hit his stride in the last few years. So much so that he’s propelled himself to the point of selling out Madison Square Garden four times, apparently setting a North American record. I for one, hope he continues to be “in the zone” for a long time to come.

Thanks to Sebastian for the stroll down memory lane and the reminder that continued hard work eventually pays off. Salut!

You can find out more about Sebastian Maniscalco on his website:

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